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JNHXSK 50W  220V/110V CNC laser engraving machine TS4030 acrylic wooden cutting machine
(1)color:orange and grey (2)working table size:400mm*300mm (3)laser tube:sealed CO2 glass tube (4)laser power:50w (5)working table:honeycomb (6)interface:USB2.0 (7)software:Coreldraw and corella
JNHXSK TS1390 130w 110V/220V F4 Ruida 6442s laser engraving cutting machine with honeycomb working table
Working table size:1300mm*900mm Laser Tube:Sealed CO2 glass Tube Working Table:Honeycomb?(Aluminium optional) Laser Power:130w Interface:USB2.0 Software:Rdworks Computer system:WindowsXP/win7/
JNHXSK 100W Laser Engraving Machine TS6090 with high quality CO2 laser tube 600mm*900mm laser cutting machine
Working?Table Size?:600mmm?*900mm Laser Tube:Sealed CO2 glass Tube Working Table:Honeycomb?(Aluminum optional) Laser Power:100W Interface:USB2.0 Software:Corellaser,CorelDraw
JNHXSK 80w  Ruida laser engraving and cutting machine TS4060 with honeycomb 400mm*600mm high quality low price free shipping
Working table size:400mmx600mm Working table :Honeycomb(Aluminum optional) Laser Tube:Sealed CO2 glass Tube Support fils:BMP ,HPGL,PLT,DST and AI software:RDworks Interface:USB2.0
JNHXSK 50W/60W/80W/100W laser engraving machine TS4060 400mm*600mm laser cutting machine
Colour :Blue and white Working?Table?Size:600mm?*400mm Laser Tube:Sealed CO2 glass Tube Working Table:Honeycomb?(Aluminum optional) Software :Corellaser,coreldraw Interface:USB2.0
JNHXSK 30W CNC Cabinet Fiber laser marking machine 150*150mm for metal plastic stainless steel
Cabinet Fiber laser marking machine 30w 110v/220v raycus protective cove
JNHXSK Desktop TS3020/2030 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine with honeycomb worktable
Colour:Blue/ White Working?Table?Size:300mm?*200mm Laser Tube:Sealed CO2 glass Tube Working Table:Honeycomb Laser Power :40W Cutting?Speed :0-60 mm/s? Engraving?Speed :0-400mm/s Software:Corel
JNHXSK 100W TS6090 laser engraving cutting machine ruida 6442s Support offline work CO2 Laser tube high quality honeycomb work
lease head,laser tube,honeycomb,water pump,control board,motherboard,switch supply power,etc.
JNHXSK 20W split Laser marking machine TS-20F 110*110mm Support 6 languages Metal Marking Machine
Split laser marking?machine mainly used for marking on metal and non-metal, can be used in mobile phones buttons, plastic translucent keys, electronic components, integrated circuits(IC), electrical a
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